My experience with Secret RF and how it is SO worth it

July 31, 2020 - Laser Skin Treatments

I have been an advanced aesthetician for 2 years now and every treatment I perform I have received it first. (barring tattoo removal since I don’t have tattoos but I did manage to remove freckles using the tattoo removal machine. Yes it does that. Yes I can write about that later if you are interested)

The Secret RF treatment was unlike any other treatment I have had and that is including other radio frequency microneedling treatments I have had with other machines.

First traditional microneedling was a favorite among my fellow classmates when we were first learning about all the treatments. Unfortunately it was not mine. Although I experience smoother skin, wrinkle reduction, and plumper firmer skin, I had a longer downtime than the other girls.(It was only 24 hours but everyone else had their redness gone in 60 minutes or less) I’m not sure why but it wasn’t my favorite treatment. My favorite treatment by far was the radio frequency microneedling treatment. I was hesitant because since I had a longer downtime with microneedling I though the radio frequency with it’s deeper penetration would mean a longer downtime. I was wrong. My skin was very receptive to it. My skin bounced back in about 2 hours and I was luminous. I’m not saying that in my own words, I’m quoting a longtime friend that didn’t even know that I had the treatment. He was astonished how my skin looked flawless even without make-up. HE wanted the treatment when he found out how effective it is!

Now onto Secret RF. The “other” radio frequency microneedling did wonders to my skin. I would say it did microneedling x3. By that I mean it reduced fine lines, wrinkles, minimized the appearance of pores, evened out my skin tone, and generally resurfaced my skin. Make up went on a lot smoother and looked so much better. When I woke up in the morning I looked refreshed, like I just got out of the spa. With Secret RF I would say it did all that x10. I get compliments on the daily asking me what my secret is to great skincare. I look 15 years younger and all it took was 15 minutes to get the treatment. I’m going to continue with the first year plan for Secret RF and that is 4 treatments every 3 months and the following year 1 to 2 treatments depending on how my skin looks and feels. This is a great program for me and anyone that wants an extra edge on looking youthful without going under the knife.

If you are interested in seeing my before and after photos I am delighted to share during a consultation at RediMedi.

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